I'm Bernie Simon. The free software I've working on can be found here on GitHub. Some can also be downloaded from CPAN. The software I have written was used to build this site. I created it with followme, a static site generator I wrote as an alternative to Jekyll.


Filmore Update

I've been coding for Project Filmore when I can find the time. So far, the code needed to support the search engine script has been written, though I have yet to do an end to end test of the search engine. Once again, the plan with Project Filmore, is to provide a library and collection of sample scripts for a (very) low end web hosting environment, the sort of sites I do myself. It's a complement to followme, which is a static website generator I use for this site. While static websites are great, when you can complement them with a few simple server side scripts, so much a better. So I'm attempting to wrap up the code I've written over the past several years into a single project.

Written on May 31, 2014

Project Filmore

I'm writing some server side softer as a complement to followme, my static website generator. I started out writing them as a series of individual scripts, but the code duplication got to be too much. So I'm rewriting the code in cgi-scripts as a collection of Perl modules plus a thin top level script to invoke them, more or less the same pattern I've used before. After I get the new libraries working, ther will be a code cleanup, with App-Filmore replacing some of the older projects that will be folded into it. But not Template-Twostep or App-Followme, which are already on CPAN. No code yet on github. I'll start it after I get the tests for at least a few of the modules working. Why Filmore? The name was chosen at random and doesn't have any special meaning.

Written on May 15, 2014

The NeoCities Api

Here's another item for the TODO list for App::Followme. NeoCities now has an api for uploading and deleting files. Since NeoCities was one of the inspirations for writing followme, I definitely want to support this by writing a new module for followme .

Written on May 08, 2014