Plans For Followme

Followme is the github project I've been working on the most over the past several months. I'm going to put it on hold for a while and turn to several other projects. But just for the record, here is what I would like to work on when I return to it. First, there needs to be more documentation. The idea of a prototype and how it differs from a template is something that needs explaining, as I haven't seen anyone else using prototypes. Second, I'd like to add a photo gallery module. I started work on one, but it's not finished. Third, I'd like to expand the use of metadata variables. The usefulness of the CreateIndex module depends on good metadata, such as author. Right now there's no code to read metadata from binary files or html files and I would like to add that. Right now the version of followme is one fix ahead of the version on CPAN. It adds the filename to the error message in one case where it was missing. If I don't come up with any other fixes soon, I'll create another CPAN release before putting followme to rest for a while.